Holiday Appeal 2022

He who wishes to secure the good of 

others has already secured his own.

– Confucius

This year reminded us that we are lucky to be supported by such a warm community of dog lovers, friends and strangers alike. Peppertree truly saw a wide range of dog breeds, sizes, health issues, and situations in 2022. We may not be able to predict exactly what the needs of the dogs that come into our care are, but we always know that our supporters will help us embrace our mission of providing the best care that we can. As anyone with pets knows, the cost of veterinary care and supplies has not been spared by the rising costs the whole world has seen in recent months. These dogs (and many more) could not have been saved without your support.

Looking to be more hands-on with the dogs? We’re always looking for new foster homes. Whether you live alone, have a family, pets or no pets, we could use your help! Peppertree provides all necessary supplies and covers veterinary costs. For more information, please call or email Peppertree.

We recognize that not all are able to make a large donation, and while we greatly appreciate those who are, we also appreciate small gifts over time – so this year we are adding a monthly donation component to our holiday appeal.  You can donate once or set up recurring monthly donations in any amount using PayPal this year- no amount is too small – all add up to help us do great things.

Why give?

Because of Liv.

Liv is living proof that “once a Peppertree dog, always a Peppertree dog!” We received a phone call in late June from a shelter in western New York about a surrendered Golden Retriever that appeared to have been adopted from Peppertree. We dashed out to retrieve our girl and were happy to see the same mellow, loving personality that had charmed everyone the first time we met her.

Liv was born with a plumbing defect known as “ectopic ureters,” causing urinary incontinence. Four years ago, Peppertree arranged and paid for corrective surgery at Cornell. Upon her more recent surrender, she was again suffering from incontinence, as well as a UTI and diaper rash. We had to wait until September to get her into Cornell for evaluation. Meanwhile, her Peppertree foster guardian kept her clean and dry between diaper changes and walked many miles with her to take off the 10 extra pounds that Liv had gained.

The experts at Cornell determined Liv’s current incontinence is a hormonal problem which is now being treated by medication. They also diagnosed her with mega-esophagus, which means extra care is required with eating and drinking to make sure everything goes down the right pipe. But the best news is that just a couple weeks before her Cornell appointment, the perfect forever family saw her listed on our website. Her 70-day wait in foster care was well worth it to end up in a home with a new best doggy friend and owners who consider her a blessing and will do whatever it takes to give her a long, happy, healthy forever!  DONATE NOW


Because of Maximus and Evangeline.

Evangeline and Maximus are two little bundles of joy that came to Peppertree from a loving owner who could no longer care for them. We were asked to help them find a new start, and we were happy to help them on that journey.

Of course, with them both being seniors, we had some medical issues to take care of. Evie was dripping urine, leading to bloodwork and an ultrasound. Within her first couple of months with Peppertree, she had her gallbladder and spleen removed. As she was getting over that, she had a ruptured anal gland that needed tending to. Throughout it all, she had Chronic Enteropathy (also known as IBS) and suspected Cushing’s disease. Fortunately, she had the support of her foster parents (now her adoptive parents!) throughout the process to keep her comfortable.

Maximus is a tricky fellow who has had a persistent cough that we’ve spent months working on with our veterinary partners. Who knew that finding a diagnosis for such a little guy could be so difficult? Maximus was the more timid of the pair, and it took him quite some time to adjust to his foster family. His foster parents are still trying to teach him how to enjoy leash walking, but he isn’t so sure what all the hype is about. Maximus is still looking for his forever home.



Because of Valarie.

Valarie is a small senior girl who came to us from a home in Texas where she was living with close to 70 other dogs. As soon as she arrived, she landed a spot in the hearts of everyone who met her. She immediately showed off how sweet she could be, and was her foster mom’s shadow all around the house from day one.

Before Valarie was made available for adoption, she had some mammary masses removed and a dental procedure with extractions performed. Over the summer, she found a lovely home and started her trial period while Peppertree continued to work on resolving her medical conditions. Sadly, her ongoing care revealed that she has recurring mammary cancer as well as moderate heart disease. Sweet Valarie was given a prognosis of about six months, and she’ll spend her remaining days soaking up all the love her foster/hospice (fospice) can shower on her — and giving it right back!


They are just three of the reasons why we are asking for your support this year.  Please consider making a donation and helping us help dogs.  Thank you for helping us continue to help some amazing dogs.