Trial Placement

Jeter and Lulu

  • Long-haired chihuahuas, bonded pair,
  • Jeter, male, 9 years, 5 lbs.
  • Lulu, female, 9 years, 5 lbs.

Who’s your favorite duo…Lucy and Ricky? Sonny and Cher? Or perhaps Fred and Wilma? Well, meet Jeter and Lulu, or as their foster mom calls them, Jet and Florence. These 2 are bonded 9 yr old, long haired chihuahuas. Don’t let their dainty size fool you, Jet and Florence have a larger than life personality once they get to know you.

Jet is tan and white, on the smaller size, but super curious and likes a good belly rub. He also enjoys curling up under the covers and hiding from the day, especially on these cold winter nights. He walks well on the leash and has a hefty appetite. He does have some dental needs but is doing well eating hard food. He is able to navigate stairs but does need a little help onto the bed and couch, as his preference is to be with his person, but he just can’t reach.

Lulu, also known as Florence, is a bit “fluffier” in the tummy, no judgment of course, she’s working on it at her own pace. But her extra fluff doesn’t slow her down. She does struggle with the stairs, but is gaining confidence. Sometimes she gets up them OK but going down is a bit scary still. She too has some dental needs but is eating hard food without difficulty. She also enjoys sleeping the cold winter blues away, and will snuggle up close if you let her. She also loves her belly rubbed, but only once she knows you’re fully qualified for the job. Florence also walks well on the leash.

Both dogs are scheduled for dental procedures, which will be paid for by Peppertree. They currently are living with 2 large resident pups and 4 cats. They do pretty well intermingling, as the dogs all share the queen bed with their human, and the cats make an appearance and lay with them from time to time. Everyone does well sharing from the community water bowl. Both continue to make great progress with housebreaking as well.

These 2 are a sweet pair who are learning to trust again. They do start off shy and a bit guarded, but they learn very quickly that you’re working at their pace and there is lots of love to give.

One adoption fee has been sponsored, so you could take home two lovebugs for the price of one!