Agatha and Luciana

  • Terrier mixes,
  • female,
  • 12 years,
  • 10 lbs.

Agatha and her sister Luciana lived in the same household since they were puppies and have been well cared for by their owners, who are now moving in to assisted living. We are hoping to place them together, since they’ve been companions all their lives. Both dogs are friendly and affectionate, take treats gently, and seem young for 12-year olds! Agatha is the more people-oriented girl of the pair, and is a friendly girl who will present her tummy for a belly rub. Lucy is the adventurer, and likes to explore her surroundings, but once comfortable, will keep coming back for affection. The girls are a little unsure of other dogs and will bark at them at first, but it’s more out of curiosity and a greeting, not aggression. Agatha does have diabetes which has left her blind, but she copes quite well. The girls are currently in a temporary foster home and Agatha has learned the layout quickly, and has learned some verbal cues (for example “stairs”) to help her get around. She needs insulin daily, and accepts it without complaint.