Our Mission

  • Rescue dogs of good temperament and find them new homes
  • Cooperate with and assist other rescues, shelters, and animal control
  • Educate the public about the “good” ways to obtain a companion animal

The primary purpose of Peppertree is to help find homes for dogs in need which represent the character and temperament commonly associated with Golden Retrievers: friendliness, intelligence and a peaceful, loving nature.

Peppertree’s founders worked for many years with a Golden Retriever rescue group in another part of the state.  In the course of this work, they became increasingly aware of the many Golden mixes, Golden-esque dogs, and the utterly non-Golden dogs who exhibit the wonderful characteristics associated with Golden Retrievers, and who very much deserve a second chance. Peppertree Rescue was created to serve as a Golden Retriever rescue for this area and to provide a refuge for the “others of Golden spirit.”

Peppertree will also assist and hopefully contribute to the growing interconnection between rescue groups, shelters and others working with homeless animals. We will work with shelters for the purpose of finding homes for dogs, notify responsible rescue groups when we learn of dogs of their breed that are in need and help develop and maintain a working, sharing community of all area rescue groups.

Our public education work will stress the importance of spay/neuter as well as socialization and training. We will also advocate for families and individuals looking for a companion animal to consider only two alternatives 1) adopting a dog from a rescue, a shelter or a private party, or 2) obtaining a puppy or older dog from a responsible breeder — one who guarantees, in writing, that they will always take back and lovingly care for their dogs so that those dogs will never need to be rescued.

As with all rescue groups, our most fervent prayer is for the day when we will no longer be needed.