New Beginnings


Having fostered a few dogs for Peppertree, I don’t know what exactly drew me to Emma (saw her on “Pet Connection”)—but she has been such a great match for me. She is content to be lazy with me; she goes out on her own and seldom wanders; Learn More >


Alfie is adjusting to life here unbelievably well. He is an amazing dog in all respects, he is friendly but reserved around new people and dogs, he loves to run whether that is in the backyard, at the park or on the leash with us. He LOVES to snuggle in the blankets on our couch and pretty much does that unless he is going out or eating lol. He is fully competent on and off-leash and is learning how to approach new dogs calmly Learn More >


The love of my life had a dog most of his life, and the dog of his life when we met and fell in love was already 10, which was fitting as my love had just turned 70.

But when his friend and guru Maxwell died almost 4 years ago, Tony was content to consider a dog-free hiatus in his life. Learn More >


They say “you’ll just know” when you find your next dog. I had no idea what that meant until I went to see Evie (formerly Peppertree Evelyn) at a Peppertree adoption event and burst into tears on first sight. That was my sign. We had a slow beginning because she needed knee surgery, so it was several months of recovery time before we could do fun things together. But I wouldn’t change a minute. Learn More >


Since meeting Rhodey (Hobi), we have loved every single moment on our journey to get to know him. From the second we met, Rhodey has embraced our presence and allowed us to enter fully into his world. This big boy is such a lovebug, flopping down at a moment’s notice for you to rub his tummy and chin! He’s incredibly observant and caring; Learn More >


Hobbit is simply the best, and I really am so crazy about him. He is happy, healthy, and is the best thing to come into my life in forever!  I cannot thank Peppertree and his foster, Amanda, enough for taking care of him and introducing us. As i write, he’s trying to knock my phone out of my hand so I can keep throwing his toy. Learn More >


Here’s a photo of Dasher, my barn inspector. She loves to roll in shavings, is the sweetest thing and has become quite the little farm dog! She stays right with me and is in the barn when I clean the stalls. Thanks to Peppertree for rescuing and letting me adopt such an amazing little dog! I told my vet and farrier where I got her from as everyone who meets her falls in love with her.

Christina Learn More >


We were blessed to adopt Skrappie through Peppertree, and couldn’t be happier! Besides the process being so kind and with heart, this little guy has changed our lives completely. Not only does he love snuggling, but he goes with us everywhere (and loves his new sweaters). He is great in the car and loves just being with us, making the most boring of errands so much fun.  He even is my guest professor; coming with me to teach one of my night classes.  We look forward to many great trips with him! He is a true testament that all animals deserve nothing short of a loving home, and they will return that tenfold. Keep up the great work!

Jenn and Tom


I adopted Duke in October 2016 and I can’t imagine life without him! When I adopted him, he was undergoing treatment for heartworm, meaning I had to restrict him from exercise until he got the all clear. This made for a tough few months, but eventually his blood work came back negative  Learn More >


He’s such a happy boy and we couldn’t love him more! Our family feels complete with him here and our hearts are full! 🙂 We are very grateful to Peppertree!


November 2018 marked 3 years since I brought Macy home from her Peppertree foster home. Such an angel! Thank you, Peppertree for this sweet girl!



In June of 2017, I adopted Bertie from Peppertree Rescue. She has been a delightful addition to our family. Not only does she give us lots of love and attention, having her removes all my excuses not to exercise. We go out at least three times a day in all weather. Thanks to Bertie, I am healthier than I have been in about 10 years.

I want to thank you for being there for dogs like Bertie. Learn More >

Zsa Zsa

We are so happy with Zsa Zsa. She is coming camping with us this weekend. She loves the days she comes to work with me and all the attention she gets from everyone passing by my office. They even gave her an employee ID badge! Learn More >


We just wanted to send a quick update and heartfelt thank you. We adopted our boy, Cooper – formerly Copper, in 2013, and have been madly in love with him ever since. He was an incredibly spoiled and beloved only child (except for the cat, but she’s more like a semi-benevolent ruler than a sibling), until we welcomed our first baby a couple of months ago. Learn More >


Emma’s been with us a year today. She was a stubborn one at first, but I’m glad we stuck with her – she’s the sweetest dog ever. You never really know what kind of baggage a rescue dog carries. I guess you trade off pet-less freedom for a dog’s unconditional love. BTW, all that fuzz behind her was a stuffed squeak toy two minutes earlier. Some things never change!

Guy and Michelle


Our hearts were broken from suddenly losing one of our dachshunds when I got an email from Peppertree about an upcoming adoption clinic. Our “granddog” Duke (formally named Dollar) was from Peppertree and my daughter had a fabulous experience. Learn More >


I would love to tell you about Muñeca (a/k/a Moonie or Miss Moon). She is a Puerto Rican rescue that I adopted in early March, and what a joy she is. This is a dog that everyone loves. Shy as she is, she accompanies me to meetings and visits my daughter’s exercise class, where she receives all the petting she deserves. Thanks to Peppertree and her foster homes for bringing her along so well. She is smart and funny and, I think, will be a perfect therapy dog.


My name is Rico and my brother is Harley. I am the handsome, mostly black fur baby! I was rescued from a beach in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria. I never thought I would ever see a forever home again..but then it happened! Peppertree introduced me to my wonderful humans and my new brother and now my life is happy, safe and fun. As you can see, I am really spoiled!


Costello is one of the best Christmas presents ever!! He is nothing but sweetness. He has fit into our family unit so well, it’s hard to imagine life without him. Thank you and your organization for saving this small bundle of love from the miserable life he obviously had. Hopefully there’s nothing but kindness and caring ahead of him for a long time. Hope all at Peppertree have the best of all holidays. You certainly made ours brighter.
       Dick & Janet Brooks

Penny (formerly known as Cocoabean)

I went to support the adoption clinic at Miller’s Animal Hospital in September. I was not looking for a third dog, as I have two Dachshunds; one I adopted (Molly) and one I rescued (Cocoa-Bean) shortly after I lost my dog Faith and my husband Lou, both in 2009. My dog Darla (English Setter) was so lonely in an empty house without them when I went to work. And so I brought home new pals which she enjoyed. Learn More >

Lucky (aka Elroy)

Lucky brings so much happiness to our home. It’s been so awesome having him here. Lucky sleeps on his bed on our son’s floor at night, he just loves Lucky so much. He is keeping track of how many “Lucky leans” he gets. Lucky gets lots of walks and is my new running partner also. He likes to be close to us and we like it, too. Learn More >


Just wanted to share a little update of Millie as the two month mark of her adoption approaches, although it seems like so much longer, it’s hard to remember what our life was like before her! Millie has adjusted so well, she is up to 45 pounds and is as energetic as ever. She went for what we believe was her first swim (based on her shocked reaction) about a week ago and loved it, Learn More >


Darcy (formerly DeeDee) came to us on Superbowl Sunday, 2013. She is a very kind-hearted, beautiful and wonderful girl. Darcy is very good with our children. Every time we take her out for a long walk we always hear about how beautiful she is and then we get the million dollar question “What kind of dog is she?” Learn More >


Thank you for giving us the opportunity to open our home to Tallulah. She is such a good girl and we love her so much! She fits right in our family perfectly. It’s funny to see how much she acts like our children. When they wake up in the morning, they ask for a few more minutes to sleep. Tallulah does this too! Learn More >


Kisses came to live with us in late June. My husband and I knew from the first evening of visiting her at her foster home that we were right for each other. A 7 year old chocolate Lab, she’s so easy going and undemanding, the perfect dog for an all too indolent older couple. We take easy strolls around the neighborhood, now extending to the woodland trails nearby, perfect for all of us. Learn More >