Available Dogs

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  • Mix,
  • male,
  • ~1 year,
  • 50 lbs.

Meet Breck, a sweet, shy southern boy from Louisiana. This handsome guy is a true ladies man…er, dog that is. Don’t let his shy demeanor fool you though, once he locks those big brown eyes on you he’s hooked, and you will be too! Breck loves being outside, chewing bones, playing with his other dog pals, going on drives, napping and snacking, but also cuddling on the couch Learn More >


  • Hound mix,
  • female,
  • 2 years,
  • 53 lbs.

Looking for your new shadow?? Well, look no further than Celine! Celine is a sweet young girl loaded with personality, who loves to be close and hang with her humans! No matter where you are, Celine will be right by your side asking for pets and snuggles. A gifted lap draper and hugger, this girl is affectionate and sweet-natured! Celine has lived with other dogs, both male and female, and a dog-savvy cat. Learn More >


  • Corgi mix,
  • female,
  • ~6 years,
  • 30 lbs.

Meet Gigi, a gentle and devoted dog with low energy and a heart of gold! This lovable pup is a mix of friendly and timid, cautiously approaching unknown dogs and humans but quickly warming up with a gentle touch and some patience. Head scratches and hugs are her absolute favorites! Learn More >


  • Mini Schnauzer,
  • male,
  • 9 years,
  • 9 lbs.

Maximus is not housetrained and requires a secure physical fence.

Maximus is a smaller-than-average Mini Schnauzer with a large personality. He’s a curious little guy who loves to be on patrol, and he’s not shy about making his feelings heard, even if no one is around to listen. Learn More >


  • Chihuahua mix,
  • female,
  • 4 years,
  • 18 lbs.

Penelope is the sweetest, most affectionate, biggest doggie kisser you are likely to meet. She is very friendly meeting new people and will offer her kisses and wagging tail to all. Penelope would like to be an only dog, as she prefers not to share her human’s attention with other doggos, Learn More >


  • Min Pin,
  • male,
  • 8 years,
  • 17 lbs.

Pirate is a very endearing dog. Just do not call him cute, he has the spirit of a Doberman packed into a Min Pin body and wants you to respect his authority. His life work is to keep his home safe. Pirate loves to let you know when someone rings the doorbell, even if the doorbell is on the TV, Learn More >

Pooka – adoption pending

  • Mix,
  • female,
  • 1-2 years,
  • 25 lbs.

Pooka needs a foster home!

Introducing Pooka, the delightful dynamo ready to bring endless joy to your life! This 25-pound bundle of love adores her person and is always up for some snuggles. With a goofy personality that will keep you entertained, Pooka is an active and energetic companion who would make an excellent hiking buddy. Learn More >


  • Shih Tzu mix,
  • male,
  • ~5 years,
  • 14 lbs.

Looking for a dog who has a bounce in his step? A dog that likes to sleep in but is just as happy to get up with you? Remy is soft as butter at a summer picnic. He is easy on the eyes, A for ADORABLE, with a tongue that hangs out just the right amount. Learn More >


  • Pit bull mix,
  • male,
  • ~7 years,
  • 39 lbs

Zeke needs a foster home!

Zeke is a great boy who is super affectionate and has enjoyed greeting new friends with tail wags and many kisses. He is clean and good in his crate, but would prefer to be out with you if you’re around (naturally!) and will let you know about it loudly! He is bouncy and playful with medium energy, but doesn’t need to be playing constantly. Learn More >