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  • Onyx


    Onyx – 3 year old male Goldendoodle, 50 lbs – Onyx is a sweet and friendly boy who loves to play with other animals and children. He also loves tractors …Read More »
  • Bailey


    1 year old male Southern mix – 50 lbs – Bailey is a fun mix of many breeds, making him a true Heinz 57! He loves to play, cuddle and …Read More »
  • Brodie


    3 year old – 16 lbs – Shih Tzu/Yorkie mix – Brodie has a lot of energy and wiggles! He likes to zig and zag on walks and sniff EVERYTHING! …Read More »
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  • Ruby


    Husky, female (spayed), 2 to 5 years old Ruby is a sweet and loving dog who is looking for a forever home! She has a lot of great qualities, like …Read More »
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  • Toby


    TOBY – 3 year old male German Shepherd/Cane Corso mix – 90 lbs – Toby is neutered, obedience-trained, house-trained, fully crate trained (he will almost without fail happily follow a “go …Read More »