• Chihuahua mix,
  • male,
  • 5 years,
  • 8 lbs.

As evidenced by his ever-wagging tail, timid is not a word in Cato’s vocabulary. In spite of his pint-sized 8 pound Chihuahua body, he loves human affection and isn’t afraid to snuggle up with both men and women. When he is not outwardly seeking affection, Cato gets excited when the leash comes into view and welcomes as many trips into the great outdoors as he can charm his way into, even if it’s just a short walk. Cato is content following his human’s lead and is very happy to be cuddling, following his human around (great reflexes, rarely gets in the way), or heading back into his crate to relax. He is initially curious about fellow housemates and neighborhood dogs, but warms up quickly, most likely developing a crush on any female dogs! Ever the gentleman, Cato remains respectful, showing his affection through playing with squeaky toys and periodic face sniffs. He has made great improvements with housebreaking in recent weeks; his foster family says he has a schedule that is working well.

Outside of the house, Cato LOVES to be in the car and is a big fan of a car ride. While he is fine scoping out his surroundings from the back seat, he does prefer to be in the passenger seat taking up navigation duties. In all, Cato is the full package for those seeking a “smaller” full package. His love is unconditional and will be on display even on first meeting. Because Cato is so dependent on people and connected with his foster family, we are looking to place him in a family (more than 1 person, children over 10 are fine) and hopefully another dog.