• Pointer mix,
  • female,
  • 1 year,
  • 28 lbs.
Leela is a sweet little girl. Just under a year old (DOB 10/14/2016), she is the perfect size dog and she has the softest ears! She has had a rough first year of her life- she was likely hit by a car and needed her right eye removed. Through it all she has remained super sweet, loves to play and crawl into your lap to give you all the kisses.

Leela would love to have a human sibling to play with and is always friendly albeit maybe overeager when she meets new people. We are not sure how she would do living with other dogs yet, the few she has met she was friendly with, but might be a bit too bouncy for some, so it seems like a canine companion of similar disposition would be best. She is fine with cats. Leela really is quite young still and likes to chew and will pick up things she finds on the ground. That said, she  is responding really well to training and learning quickly! We’ve been working on leash manners, ‘leave it’, ‘drop it’, and ‘down’. She already knows ‘sit’, does well being crated and is house-trained.
This sweet goofball will make someone a great companion!