Hi! My name is Leroy. I’m a 1 year old, 50-55 lbs Lab mix puppy.(I think I might be mixed with a Foxhound but nobody knows for sure!) I’m up to date on all my shots and I’ve been neutered. I’ve also worked with an animal behaviorist and passed puppy kindergarten with flying colors! My current owners love me soooo much and have given me lots of care and attention. Unfortunately, because they have a 6-month old baby (a soon-to-be crawling and walking toddler), they have had to make a really tough decision to find a more suitable home for me.

I am very friendly with people of ALL ages and love to show them affection but I’m still a puppy so a bit of a klutz when it comes to children. I get along well with cats and I’m submissive and a good play partner with one or two other dogs. I’m not a huge fan of the dog park, because I get a little anxious and overwhelmed when there are too many loud dogs around.

I’m very affectionate and cuddly, and I LOVE giving hugs and kisses. I’m very loyal too. I like to stay close to my human companions, which makes me the perfect dog to go for hikes in the woods. I love playing tug and chase too! I’m about a 7 on the active scale, so please give me lots of time to run around in the back yard! I’m pretty smart and know lots of commands already, and I’m really excited to learn more! I’m very motivated by treats and I like a lot of people foods as well.

I’d definitely do best in a home full of people who can give me a lot of attention, and particularly in a home with another dog! I am pretty anxious and currently take medication for my anxiety, so another dog to distract me would be great. However, at this time I would not belong in a house with young children, just adults please! That’s because I do have a bad habit of occasionally guarding objects that I find, which my current owners have tried hard to mitigate. I can usually snap out of my guarding if I’m lured away by exceptionally tasty treats. Please don’t try to forcibly take away objects I’m guarding, because you then may hear/see me growl and snarl a little… and I don’t want that to be the first impression you get of me! My anxiety can also make me not too comfortable getting my nails trimmed or my paws wiped when I come into the house from the back yard, so I still need some more training for that.

Getting in the car can be sometimes tough for me, but I love treats so much that having one in the trunk always convinces me to jump in. The vet can be a scary place but I love wearing my muzzle (nothing like a little peanut butter to make it savory) so my owners can then make sure I am up to date with all my care.

I hope you can find a place in your home (hopefully the couch and backyard) to cuddle with me so I can give you lots of hugs and kisses! If you are interested in Leroy, please contact Natalia at natalia.m.martinez@gmail.com