• Sato,
  • male,
  • 9 years,
  • 64 lbs.

We don’t know his ancestry, but we do know that Lolo is 100% great dog. This sweet older gentleman traveled all the way from Puerto Rico to find his retirement home. Lolo is neutered and house trained. He just wants a quiet home with snacks and attention. Lolo has great house manners except that he will steal your seat on the couch. He gets along with other dogs and cats, and we’re looking for a home with a mature canine companion to help him settle in, though he doesn’t really like puppies and young active dogs that want to jump on him. Our sweet boy just wants to be someone’s special companion. He is a little quirky in that he doesn’t like to go to the bathroom on leash and will hold it for days, until he is in a fenced area. For this reason, Lolo will need a home with a fenced-in yard.

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