7 year old male Basset Hound/Sharpei mix. A Sharpei mind in a Basset body may best describes handsome Luca.  Luca loves to go on walks and enjoy time in the yard, and loves to be with his people, but sometimes he just needs some space and time to himself. Luca is a dog with opinions, and who likes to do things his own way, and on his own schedule sometimes. Not to say he doesn’t enjoy his family, he just is a dog that works for a pay check rather than praise. You don’t work for free, why should Luca?  Luca thrives in an adult only home and would love, love, love to be someone’s walking buddy or join you for a car ride or two. Luca remembers his friends and gets excited to see them, but he doesn’t rush up to strangers ready to be their best friend. Anyone looking to adopt Luca needs to realize that be may take some time (and treats) to realize you can be a trusted companion, but once you are in, you are in. Luca has been with his family since he was a puppy but is not adjusting to the addition of toddlers in the home which is why he needs to find a new home. A quiet home with a more regular schedule would really help Luca out with all these changes in his life, and help him be the best dog he can be.  For more information on Luca please e-mail