• French Bulldog/Pug/Gremlin mix,
  • female,
  • 9 years,
  • 20 lbs.

Magdalina Conchetta Wrinkles, or Maggie to friends and family, packs a lot of personality into her 20 lb frame. She is loving, funny, smart and determined. She also has a lot of opinions, and those opinions must be respected by the other dogs in her life. When a toy is hers, it is hers, when a treat is hers, it is hers, when a lap is hers . . . well, that she will sometimes share because the more body warmth the better. Her foster family firmly blames themselves for her occasional possessiveness, they not only fed her after midnight, they got her wet. Luckily with people she is far more willing to compromise and is generally a very agreeable house guest. Maggie is an expert snuggler, and is excellent at camouflaging in a pile of blankets (you learn to watch where you sit!) Maggie knows how to relax, and takes napping very seriously, as proven by her snoring which can be heard several rooms away. We are not going to lie, she has a list of health issues, dry eye has left her blind in one eye with limited vision in the other, and requires daily drops, she has a fused elbow which gives her an adorable skip to her step, back pain and skin issues – but she certainly doesn’t let it get to her and is a wonderful patient. Mags has good house manners, she is not destructive (although she will steal your socks and carry them around) but she is still working on house training. She is not used to holding it, and while she will ask to go out, she has to go out frequently. Mags also knows how to make friends, and while she can get nervous in hew places, she delights in giving kisses and getting back scratches, so a friendly lap goes a long way to making her happy. Because of her vision and orthopedic issues, a house without stairs or an owner who can carry her up and down stairs is required, as is a fenced yard, and she would not do well with young children. She does very well with cats and respectful dogs of all sizes. Magdalina’s perfect day involves lots of time on the couch, a goat horn or bully stick to chew, lots of treats, and lots of love.