Available Dogs


  • Golden Retriever,
  • female,
  • 12 years,
  • 72 lbs.

Marlie is seeking a quiet retirement home, one with a nice yard to lay around in, and people to tell her how pretty she is, scratch her head, and bring her lots of snacks (within reason, arthritic ladies do need to consider their weight). Marlie loves people and attention as most Goldens do, but, she can startle and does not always like movement around her food dish, so, we are looking for a home for her without children, to keep things predictable. She is also battling a skin infection which can make her more sensitive about some things. Marlie is good in the car, and likes walks, although they are more like ambles. She has lived with other dogs and is polite, but she cares the most about people, and lights up around the people she loves (and she loves very easily). We are not sure how she does with cats. Marlie does have some lumps and bumps and arthritis that make it hard for her to do a lot of stairs, as is to be expected at her age, but she also has a smile that makes you smile, and a heart that is ready to love.