Trial Placement

Maybelline and Gomer

  • Lab/chow mix,
  • Maybelline, 5 years, 78 lbs.
  • Gomer, 4 years, 70 lbs.

Affectionate and playful, Maybelline and Gomer are a bonded pair of black lab/chow mixes that were surrendered to a South Carolina shelter. We believe they may be a mother and son. Sassy Maybelline is about 5 years old and laid-back Gomer is a little younger, about 3 years old. Maybelline needs to be fed separately from Gomer as she inhales her food quickly and will head over to finish Gomer’s. Maybelline has more of a stout chow body and curly tail, while Gomer looks more like a standard black lab.

Both dogs love people of all ages, but Maybelline is bossy and needs to be “queen bee” around other dogs. Both are housebroken, of medium energy and are learning to walk calmly on leash. They have learned to sit and we are working on other commands. Cats are unknown, but both like to chase backyard critters..

The dogs have plush velvety fur and love to be petted and brushed. This sweet, sometimes goofy duo are good watch dogs and enjoy wrestling with each other, car rides, treats, soft toys, long walks, and snuggles.

Maybelline and Gomer’s adoption fee has been partially sponsored. Now all they need is someone who would like to adopt two ready-made best friends!