Available Dogs

Maybelline and Gomer

  • Lab/chow mix,
  • Maybelline, 5 years, 78 lbs.
  • Gomer, 4 years, 70 lbs.

Maybelline and Gomer are a bonded pair of black lab/chow mixes that were surrendered to a South Carolina shelter. They were treated for heartworm and are approved for moderate exercise for the next few months. We believe they may be a mother and son. Gomer can be timid and did not fare well when he was separated from sassy Maybelline, so we are looking for someone to adopt them as a pair.

Maybelline is spayed, about 5 years old and is overweight at 78 pounds. She is currently on a lower calorie diet than Gomer and they need to be fed separately so she doesn’t snork up his food after inhaling hers. Gomer is neutered, about 3-4 years old and weighs a healthy 70 pounds. Both dogs love people, but Maybelline does best with other dogs who will allow her to be “Queen Bee.” They are housebroken, low to medium energy level and walk calmly on the leash. Cats are unknown, but both like to chase backyard bunnies.

The dogs have plush velvety fur and like to be petted and brushed. Maybelline’s coat is the thickest and needs more grooming because of her undercoat. This affectionate and goofy duo are good watchdogs and enjoy wrestling with each other, car rides, long walks, and snuggles.

Maybelline and Gomer’s adoption fee has been partially sponsored. Now all they need is someone who would like to adopt two ready-made best friends!