• mix,
  • female,
  • 6-8 mos.
  • 40 lbs.

Opal is a charming pup. Although she is still young, she is very content to lay by her person and cuddle to watch TV. She crates fine, has spent a full 8 hour day in the crate with no accidents or problems. When you let her out, she will greet you with leaps and bounds and kisses! She is fully house trained and never has an accident, is fine all day while her foster family is at work, and all night when they sleep. She rarely barks, if someone approaches the house or knocks, she will let out some short barks to let her family know. She loves to play fetch, is full of energy and likes to walk or explore in our fenced yard. Her former foster said she also loves the water. Opal likes to travel in the car and while she does occasionally give chase to the cats, will stop if called back.

She is still a puppy in some ways; we are working on chewing and counter surfing. However Opal is very smart and will soon catch on to what she may (and may not!) chew. She takes direction well, and already knows how to “sit,” and “stay,” (for short periods), and fetch. She has not been child tested, but her demeanor is so ​friendly we think she will love children. She has short hair that does not shed much or hold smells, and her teeth are beautiful. No matter what, Opal is always gentle, loving and submissive; except when it comes to giving kisses and hugs….no shyness then! She is well on her way to being the perfect pet!