Available Dogs


  • German Shepherd mix,
  • male,
  • 9 years,
  • 75 lbs.

Oscar was placed as a puppy listed as a German Shepherd mix, and on his return 8 years later, we are thinking we might have been a bit off on his breed combo. We are wondering now if he might have some Akita, or maybe some Chow? We’re not sure, but what we can tell you is Oscar is big and fluffy. Oscar also has great house manners, he does not need to be crated and is fine being left for a work day. He does well on car rides too and was a perfect gentleman at the vet! Oscar is not a dog who needs a walk, he is happy to relax in his yard. A home with a fenced yard is preferred, as it is what Oscar is used to, although a walk around the neighborhood would be appreciated, and might help him keep those pounds off! Oscar is great with adults, and if he sees a new person while out on a walk, his tail starts to wag and he will always try to go meet them. Speaking of tails, did you say butt scritch? Yes, please! His tail will spin like a helicopter when you find the right spot. Belly rubs are also greatly appreciated. Oscar has lived with another dog, but he can be a bit dog selective, especially with dogs who do not respect his space. He is not much of a player, so he would do great as an only dog. Oscar needs an adult only home, which is part of the reason behind his return.