Trial Placement


  • German Shepherd mix,
  • male,
  • 9 years,
  • 75 lbs.

Oscar would like to apply for the position of Stay At Home Dog. His skills include letting you know when someone is at the door, being an excellent recipient of butt scratches and belly rubs, sitting in the yard watching the world, and giving you lots and lots of kisses, whether you want them or not. He has a long work history of not chewing on things, and being house trained. Oscar can easily put in 9 hours of napping while you are at work, and does not require a crate like those newcomers to the field. He’s got many years experience at the position of being a good dog, and is very good at it. Oscar prefers an adult only work environment please, kids are delightful from a distance but up close can be stressful. He has never worked with cats and while he does not want to limit his employment options we believe that he would chase them with much enthusiasm. Oscar is not really a half-way kind of dog, when he commits, he commits. Oscar has lived with female dogs in the past and with slow introductions has done well playing with a few different dogs. He would likely do well living with a mellow, polite female dog up for the occasional round of chase in the yard. Fair warning – one of Oscar’s favorite hobbies is monitoring the neighborhood. The appearance of other dogs will be emphatically announced. Oscar is passionate about this hobby which is why, while he does enjoy a stroll now and then, he is not suited for a home where walks are required. We do not want to see Oscar’s hobby become his career. Oscar was placed as a puppy listed as a German Shepherd mix, and on his return 8 years later, we are thinking we might have been a bit off on his breed combo. We are wondering now if he might have some Akita, or maybe some Chow? We’re not sure, but what we can tell you is Oscar is big and fluffy and would make an excellent best friend.

Oscar’s adoption fee has been partially sponsored by a friend of Peppertree.

If you already have an application in, you do not need to fill out another one.  Just send an e-mail to or call 518-435-7425.

Although he was not able to appear on Pet Connection in person due to the pandemic, here is Oscar’s “virtual” appearance: