• Lab mix,
  • 1-2 years,
  • male,
  • 50 lbs.

Rover is an energetic young dog who loves playing with his best dog friend, chasing sticks in the back yard, and snuggling on the couch in the evening. Rover’s foster mom reports that he is quite a character and keeps them laughing with his antics and adventures. His favorite toy is a found volleyball that he throws around the yard to chase. He will do anything for a treat, and he likes to sneak up onto the couch to be your 50 lb lap dog. Rover has good house manners and is crate-trained, knows basic commands, sits and waits for his food, and does well with other dogs if given the chance for a proper introduction. Rover is learning not to pull while on leash and is doing well with his Halti harness, but he does still get excited over the squirrels and would love a yard with lots of them to chase. Because of his desire to chase, Rover is not able to live with cats and needs an adult-only home. A big fenced-in yard would be the best setting for this boy so he can run and play outdoors, and he thrives in a predictable environment where he knows what to expect and what is expected of him. Although Rover is content as an only dog we feel he would happily share a home with the right companion. Rover is looking for a loving, active home where he can balance his desire to run and play with lots of routine.

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