• Sato,
  • female,
  • 4 years,
  • 23 lbs.

This foxy lady has a lot of kisses, a lot of love and a lot of energy! She is housebroken, crate trained during the day, and learning the rules of house manners. Suzani is very food motivated, and will master the basics quickly. She has been working on paw, sit, stay, 

and down in her foster home. She loves walks and does well on a harness but can pull when she sees a pesky squirrel. Suzani is one happy dog that loves all people, especially kids. She is happy with other dogs that like to run around and play chase, or who want to play with squeaky and chew toys. She would benefit from being in a home with another playful dog, even a bigger one – Suzani doesn’t let size intimidate her! A fenced yard may be best, just to let out energy and play. This small love needs a family with kids or other young dogs that are as active as she is!