• Mix,
  • female,
  • 1-3 years,
  • 29 lbs.

Sylvie is an incredibly affectionate and gentle girl. She greets strangers with an excited full body wag and then will drop to their feet looking for a belly rub in mere minutes. She’s enthusiastic about walks, couch cuddling, and a gentle game of tug-o-war play with her toys.. Her foster family notes that she has impeccable manners and doesn’t beg, or even appear to be tempted by a plate of maple syrup soaked pancakes left on a side table. Her easy nature makes her an excellent family dog, though we don’t know if she’s good with cats (we suspect she may want to play with them.) Sylvie gets along with other dogs. Sylvie knows how to shake, sit, and stay. She has an adorable habit of sneezing repeatedly when she is excited about something. Sylvie lets you know about things with a bark every now and then, so apartment life may not be for her. While Sylvie loves to be by her foster family’s side, and will follow them around the house all day, she’s also truly excellent when left alone, even with pancakes.