• Chihuahua/terrier mix,
  • female,
  • 8 months,
  • 10 lbs.
Tiana is a beautiful little girl who was surrendered when her family could no longer care for her.  She was very frightened when she first arrived but has made vast improvements since then — she has learned that people give food, that other dogs are fun to play with, 
and that toys are almost as awesome as snuggles!
Tiana is shy at first, but she is a total “momma’s girl” and will follow her person everywhere.  She always wants to play and often carries a toy around with her.  Like most puppies, Tiana is a little mischievous and will find ways to entertain herself if left to her own devices, but she is very sweet and eager to please. She is a great pup who just needs the right person to show her how fun the world can be.
Tiana requires an adult-only home with another playful dog to keep her company.  She is quite the energizer bunny, so she will also need either a large fenced yard or an active adopter who can take her for long walks/runs.  She would make an excellent hiking companion!  Tiana gets along with cats and most dogs, although her exuberant play style may be too much for some.