• German Shepherd,
  • female,
  • 3 years,
  • 100 lbs.

We have many good apps for Vanna and we are hoping she will be heading home soon!

Vanna, short for Savannah, is everything a German Shepherd should be. Smart, loyal, and sweet, with a touch of that good old-fashioned shepherd OCD – did someone say fetch? Seriously, don’t though, she will hear you and come running. Vanna is good on a leash, knows her basic obedience, and has good house manners. She is good with kids 5 and up, we are not sure about placing her with younger kids only because she is a big girl who struggles with personal space, and doesn’t always realize who or what she is bumping into. Vanna is not a dog that always needs to be on the go, but she does need an outlet for her energy, be it a nice round of fetch or a wrestle session with a canine buddy. Walks are nice and all but she has recently discovered the joys of playing with another dog, and really likes to play! Vanna does well with other dogs although she does best with ones who have a similar play style and energy level, and do not mind if she likes to be in charge. A mellow male dog that loves to wrestle would likely be the best companion for her, as we feel she would be likely to disagree with another female. Cats are not the best fit, they do not always respect her authority or appreciate being herded, which does not make for peaceful living for Vanna, the cats or the people (trust us, we tried). Vanna does enjoy a snuggle and will happily share your bed, or the couch, although she does have her independent moments. Being a shepherd, she does like to monitor the door and make sure her land is secure. She will let you know someone is there with a bark, but she is not an overly vocal dog.