Available Dogs


  • Sato,
  • female,
  • 2 years,
  • 51 lbs.

Zelda is a smart dog, and those brains and her cautious nature are likely what helped her survive as a stray in Puerto Rico before coming to us at Peppertree. Zelda is not the type of dog to kiss on the first date, but she loves going out on walks, and has recently been a regular at Peebles Island. There is so much to smell! While Zelda loves the outdoors, she is strictly an on-leash dog – our Zelda likes her space! Zelda has completed a manners class and is an A + student when it comes to obedience, She has good house manners, although if you leave a shoe or a baseball cap in reach she has been known to sample them. Thankfully she loves a stuffed Kong and would much rather chew that! Zelda loves to learn, especially if you have cheese. Zelda likes to be doing things with her people, and loves to be around her people but she is not a huge snuggler, often choosing to nap alone on a chair. Zelda’s dream family would be an adult only home that likes taking walks and who is really good at stuffing Kongs for her to enjoy. A home without many visitors and with a nice fenced yard for her to sniff around in. She likely would do best as an only dog, although she is typically polite with dogs in public as long as they respect her authority. Because of her prey drive, we don’t think she would be good with cats.