Available Dogs

Bentley – Adoption Pending

  • Maltese mix,
  • male,
  • 8 years,
  • 8 lbs.

Just look at that face! Bentley is the happiest boy in town and is very easy to please. He can play fetch all day long- as long as you’re throwing the toy, he’ll bring it back to you. He’ll even ask to continue playing by placing the toy close to your feet or by jumping on it to make it squeak. Even though Bentley’s little, he has no problem chewing through a toy and extracting the squeaker. If playing fetch doesn’t tire him out, he does love to go on a walk. Bentley has happily lived with other dogs.

Bentley acts as a great guard dog. He has no problem barking when he hears a bump in the night. He’s a great cuddler and insists on sleeping in the bed with you. Bentley wants to be around his people and isn’t a fan of being left alone. He’s still working on house training when left for a full work day, but when you’re home, he’ll let you know when he needs to go out by doing circles by the door. He can go down stairs but would like some assistance going back up. He will eventually go up the stairs, one step at a time, but prefers to be carried like the little prince he is. If you like small, cuddly, playful dogs, you must meet Bentley!