In June of 2017, I adopted Bertie from Peppertree Rescue. She has been a delightful addition to our family. Not only does she give us lots of love and attention, having her removes all my excuses not to exercise. We go out at least three times a day in all weather. Thanks to Bertie, I am healthier than I have been in about 10 years.

I want to thank you for being there for dogs like Bertie. You rescued her from a shelter in the south. Her first adoption didn’t work, but you took her back, and made sure she was cared for until she was adopted, even with her bite history. I am so thankful every day for my sweet furry friend, even if I clean up enough hair on an almost daily basis to cover a small dog! Bertie is a real blessing to us, and we have you to thank for her.

I know that your adoption fees don’t cover all the costs of rescuing and caring for the animals that you help. I know you will put this donation to very good use.

Thank you,

Heather Chevalier and family