Available Dogs


  • Chihuahua mix,
  • female,
  • 10 years,
  • 10 lbs.

Looking for some extra love? Open up this Canna Grace! While she may be a little hesitant with new people, she loves her person. More often than not, she wants to be close, even touching, when you’re sitting down with her, and she’ll remind you to that she needs constant pets by licking your hand! It’s the same at night – she loves to be the little spoon and be touching a little bit in bed. When you’re not sleeping or sitting, Canna will keep an eye on you from the couch or a dog bed. Just the absolute sweetest!

For the most part, Canna is house trained but you have to be aware of her schedule to avoid any accidents in the house. Canna would love a backyard to run around in. Don’t let her size or age fool you – she just loves to frolic in the grass and run around. She keeps you in her sight and will listen when called but she doesn’t stray too far! To have a nice fenced yard would be great for playing and running, but also for exercise; our Canna lacks leash skills and would prefer to have a yard to run around in. If Canna does need to go somewhere, she doesn’t mind being carried, as long as she can sit in your arms, the perfect excuse to get extra cuddles! Canna is also great in the car, either laying down in the backseat or sitting in her dog bed as co-pilot. Canna came to Peppertree from a home with 9 other dogs, so another dog may help her feel comfortable settling in to a new home. Currently, she can be seen licking her foster brother’s face and is always with him! That being said, she can be independent, as long as her person is always around. Because she is a petite lady, we’d prefer a home with adults or older children only.