Trial Placement


  • Boxer,
  • female,
  • 8 years,
  • 84 lbs.

Casey wants to be your girl! She is the most wonderful blend of sweetness, beauty, strength and personality. She is a gentle gal and mature enough to be an easy housemate. She is house trained, happy to climb into the car for a ride, and crate trained (as far as we know, but the foster family hasn’t used the crate after the first night). Casey also enjoys a moderate leash walk.

No nuisance barking, no chewing or destruction of family property! Yay! The foster family is still trying to determine what toys or treats will make her the happiest.

Don’t be offended if Casey sticks out her tongue at you. That is one of her natural and relaxed expressions and her fosters find it quite endearing! She is a calm girl who is quite content hanging out with her people. Once in a while, if you are in the right place at the right time, you may catch Casey demonstrating her joy in a cute little Happy Dance!

Casey loves to be near her people and is currently happy to be sharing a foster home with her sister Shadow, who is also available for adoption. They are good buddies and are so sweet and gentle with each other, and we would love it if they could be adopted together. As an incentive to keep the sisters together, a generous friend of Peppertree has offered to sponsor one of their adoption fees, so these two girls can both be adopted for $250 if adopted together.