Courtesy Listings - Unevaluated


Chico is a friendly and laid-back companion. At 11 yrs old he still loves a game of fetch and his walks (especially if a squirrel crosses the path—hold on tight at that point!) Once the squirrel danger is past, he walks well on leash. Being a Lab, Chico looks forward to mealtime. He is very chill in the house, and stays close to his person. He is good with other dogs, but likes to bark at cats so he’s a bit too interested in them to share a home with one. This boy has a “guardian angel” who will help with his vet bills; currently food allergies are being looked at as a cause for some skin issues. If you are in the Capital District and would like to know more about this sweetheart and maybe meet him please call Catherine at 518 369 3826.