Available Dogs

Cocoa Puff and Sarsaparilla

  • Chihuahua mixes,
  • female,
  • Cocoa Puff, 14 years, 13 lbs.
  • Sarsaparilla, 13 years, 11 lbs.

These two sweet, senior girls are looking for a home to spend their golden years. Both are snuggly little love bugs that would love to spend all day lounging with their human. Sarsaparilla (Sassy to her friends) is definitely the dominant of this pair and lives up to her name. She is not a great jumper, so will need help getting up onto any furniture, but once she’s there, will flop down next to you for all the pets and belly rubs she can get. If you stop and she wants more, she’ll paw at your hand to let you know she’s not done. Sassy will approach anyone she encounters for pats, walks well on leash and is calm in the car.

Cocoa takes a bit more time to warm up to new people. If you’re on the couch and she’s on the floor, she’ll paw at you for some help getting up so she can snuggle next to you. Cocoa will sit and watch while Sassy approaches new people, but is not interested in pats from strangers herself. She pulls a bit on her leash and walks at a much faster pace than Sassy, making walking the two together a bit tricky, but doable. Cocoa is also good in the car, though both need help getting in. These two very much enjoy hanging out in the fenced yard, they come when you call and immediately want treats for being such good pups! While house trained, there are occasional overnight pee accidents, but always on the puppy pad. Currently the only pets in the home, but they have previously lived with other dogs and did well with them. They do bark at the neighborhood cats in the yard and will chase them if they run away.

If you already have an application in, you do not need to fill out another one.  Just send an e-mail to Rescue@Peppertree.org or call 518-435-7425.

Cocoa and Sassy are TV stars! Check out their appearance on Pet Connection with Steve Caporizzo!