Cooper is a lovely southern gentlemen that comes to us all the way from Texas. He is tired of the hot weather and is looking forward to seeing snow in the Northeast. Coop is super friendly with everyone, and is good with dogs big and small. He has wonderful house manners as well. He is house trained and crate trained and does not chew on your shoes. He also knows the commands sit, down, and comes when called. He is working on “paw”.

At a dignified 8 1/2  years old, Cooper is looking for a forever retirement home to spend his golden years. He would be happy with a young couple, retired couple, single guy or single lady (you guessed it he is pretty much good with all.)

His forever home would need to have a person looking for a constant companion to follow them with whatever they are doing. Supervising yard work, supervising computer work, watching tv, hanging out in the kitchen while you prepare snacks, he is in! He would also LOVE a basket of stuffed squeaky toys. He loves to empty the toy basket and carry stuffies all around the house. His favorite trick is to try to sneak toys out of the house into the yard (lol).

Cooper also loves walks. He wags like crazy when you get out his leash. If you are looking for a walking buddy he is the one for you . He walks nicely on a leash. He is on the plump side (75 lbs) and could use a daily walk or two (shh!)

At night he is all in for a night of watching movies and curling up with blankets on a comfy dog bed. If you are looking for a mature fellow who has it all together, he might be the one for you! For more information about Cooper, contact Monica at .