Available Dogs


  • Mix,
  • female,
  • 1-2 years,
  • 40 lbs.

Three words that describe Cyprus are Happy, Sweet and Friendly. She is a lovely dog who would make a great addition to any family. She is good about chewing only her toys and has yet to meet anyone (canine or otherwise) that she does not like. She leaves the cat alone, plays and runs with the other dog in her foster home, and is very tolerant of children. She has a medium energy level, but is also very content to follow you around and sit down near you (or on top of you – she is a great snuggle buddy). She is very good in the car and loves to go on walks. Cyprus possesses a talent for finding gaps in the fence she can squeeze through, but she doesn’t really want to escape and go anywhere because she just likes to be near her people. She is also dedicated to her job of alerting you about the arrival of the mail delivery person, and will check to make sure you heard that unexpected loud noise.