Doodle Blue – no longer available

  • Retriever mix,
  • male,
  • 6 years,
  • 65-70 lbs.

Meet Blue! A bit of a goofball, he is affectionately called Doodle(short for Whack-A-Doo-Blue). Blue has been a cherished family pet for the last 5 ½ yrs and sadly his family is looking to rehome Blue to a single pet household. An absolute sweetheart with people, Blue is dog reactive and would be happier living in a home where he can be the king of the castle. A bit cautious around newcomers, he enjoys spending time with those he knows and is bonded to. He warms up quickly to anyone with cookies. That said, Blue does have some special dietary needs. He has uric crystals and eats Hills Prescription U/D (purchased at your veterinarian) to ensure he doesn’t create more urinary crystals. He’s been clear from crystals since starting the diet four years ago and has no other medical issues.

Blue is trustworthy left free in the house but also comfortable in his crate. He doesn’t go on furniture unless invited and doesn’t jump up on people. Blue does like to alert when people arrive to the house and car doors close, so he is a barker. For this reason, he would not be suitable for apartment living.

Prey driven, Blue will be sure to keep your yard free from squirrels, cats and cottontails should they roam through! He’ll require a fully fenced yard to romp in, and due to his prey drive, electric fences wouldn’t keep him safely contained.

If you’re looking for a dog that can go from zero to fun, Blue might be your boy. A happy guy to curl up on his dog bed and cuddle inside all day, he’s also active and ready to go outside! Extremely food motivated and SMART! This boy would love a family that enjoys keeping his brain busy and doing activities with him. He knows several commands: sit, down, wait, back, paw, crawl, and his favorite…. “Go Eat!” Yes, he waits or his breakfast & dinner cue before eating, such a good boy! (If you take too long, he may protest a bit by crying or salivating intensely, but a boy is hungry ya know!!)

He’s an athletic dog & may enjoy scent work or agility with an experienced home who can manage his reactivity around other dogs.

The best life for Doodle Blue would be a quiet household with someone who is home (either retired or working from home), as that’s what he’s accustomed to, with a fully fenced in yard to explore. He’d love a house with windows he can see out of and maybe with a bird feeder in the back yard so he can watch for those pesky squirrels! A family with experience and willingness to work with Blue and let him be the sole pet of the home.

Local adoption only – home visit required. If you are interested, please apply through Peppertree Rescue and the application will be forwarded to his family.