Our hearts were broken from suddenly losing one of our dachshunds when I got an email from Peppertree about an upcoming adoption clinic. Our “granddog” Duke (formally named Dollar) was from Peppertree and my daughter had a fabulous experience.  We had no plans to adopt another dog but when I looked at the email and saw a sweet little face looking back at me, I knew I had to meet her. After chatting with her foster mom Katie, we arranged to meet her on Saturday in November at an adoption clinic.

Her name was Tiana, but now her name is Gertrude –aka Gertie Good Girl! Gertie was very shy with us initially, but soon warmed up to us and we found ourselves head over heels in love with her. Gertie LOVES her brother Oscar. She often snuggles him with her arm around him and they play all day. Her love and companionship has really helped all of us heal from the loss of our boy Felix.

Gertie is a bucket of energy, plays 24/7 and loves to be outside in our yard. She also loves to sit in front of the warm fireplace or cuddle on the couch in the evening. Her favorite person in the world is her daddy! She greets him every night with barks and kisses and follows him all over the house! The feeling is mutual.

Gertie is our sweet little girl and we can’t wait to spoil her rotten for the rest of her precious little life. Thank you for all you do to help rescue these deserving babies.

Sherman, Eileen & Oscar Wilkinson