Gigi – Adopted!

  • Mix,
  • female,
  • ~6 years,
  • 30 lbs.

Meet Gigi, a gentle and devoted dog with low energy and a heart of gold! This lovable pup is a mix of friendly and timid, cautiously approaching unknown dogs and humans but quickly warming up with a gentle touch and some patience. Head scratches and hugs are her absolute favorites!

Gigi is the ultimate companion, always sticking close to her human, lending a helpful paw whether you are working from home or busy in the kitchen. When she’s not next to you on the couch or bed, she’s curled up at your feet.

Sweet Gigi is housebroken and has her own unique way of letting you know when she needs to go outside. Instead of barking or scratching at the door, she communicates through her soulful eyes, giving you the sweetest stare until you catch on.

Gigi loves walks and is good on leash though easily distracted by people, dogs and wildlife (squirrel!) She is excellent at spotting weaknesses in fences, so only a secure, physical fence will contain her. Loud noises can be scary for her, so a calm and reassuring environment will help her feel safe and secure. Gigi can be an only dog, or in a home with a confident but low energy canine companion to show her the ropes and boost her confidence.

Gigi is seeking a loving human who is willing to shower her with affection. In return, she’ll fill your life with endless love and loyalty. Get ready to create beautiful memories with Gigi by your side!