Glenda – Adopted!

  • Mix,
  • female,
  • 1 year,
  • 55 lbs.

Beautiful Glenda is a sweet, enthusiastic girl who will happily throw herself into your lap for kisses. She can look serious but has a silly, affectionate side and loves to play fetch. Our girl is crate trained and house trained too.

Glenda has been learning in leaps and bounds – how to walk on a leash, how to do check ins, sit and “come”. Even though she loves her walks, this girl is the type of dog that needs a securely fenced in yard to release all her exuberance and desire to sniff and explore the world safely.  Glenda really likes to chase small furry creatures you see, so she is not a candidate for an invisible fence or off-leash hiking.  Sometimes she can get a little overexcited and distracted and….SQUIRREL!

Glenda’s excitement can sometimes get her carried away – in play and in life – the world is just sooooo exciting and it is hard to restrain yourself sometimes.  Glenda plays beautifully with her best friend Bandit, an adolescent hound dog who loves to run and wrestle like her.  We think she would do great with a young male dog to play with or even as an only dog, Glenda is not going to be a great companion for small or senior dogs (they just are not sturdy enough for her play style) or another female – she likes to be Queen, and who are we to argue?  Glenda cannot live with cats, and while we love her enthusiasm we think it is too much for children, so an adult home is best for her.

Glenda has an old paw injury and while that means she’s not a suitable jogging or hiking companion, she does not let it slow her down one bit.  You should see her run around a yard – she reaches high speeds and makes amazing jumps – especially if there are squirrels in that yard for her to chase. And to help her on walks she wears a boot to keep her paw level on and protect it from the pavement.  She looks quite stylish in it too.

Glenda does have a quirk – she is very sensitive to dogs moving by her – particularly if they go by quickly!  This is a habit some dogs develop and while we are working on it this does mean she will bark at other dogs through the fence, and on walks.  One of our volunteers walks her frequently and Glenda is improving so much with positive reinforcement and consistency, but this is a work in progress for Glenda – we all have something we’re working on right?