Greta and Sue

Greta is a Boxer mix
Sue is a Catahoola mix and is blind
Both estimated to be about 3 years old

If you have ever considered adopting a pair of dogs 

who not only get along wonderful, but who give each other confidence, then we have just the right match for you! Greta and Sue make each other’s lives so much better. Sue is blind, and while she navigates her world just fine once accustomed to her surroundings, Greta makes everything so much easier for her since Sue has a mate to follow around and give her the confidence she needs in the world. Additionally, Greta is a super gentle but submissive soul who comes right out of her shell in the presence of Sue. With Sue and Greta together they are totally different dogs and it is amazing to see!

These girls are both great with other dogs, housebroken and just the sweetest dogs around! Sue is good with cats but Greta is not, so a home without kitties is ideal. Both are good with kids but we would prefer a home without small children simply because Sue might spook easy with the quick movements and loud sounds of kids. Sue is thought to be a Catahoula mix and Greta is a Boxer mix. While we would place each dog separately, we would LOVE to place them together since they really complement each other and to be honest, they just simply love each other.

The home that would suit them best would be an adult home with a fenced yard so they can run and play (yes, Sue loves to run and play).  What a great pair and it would truly be a wonderful thing to give both of these girls a great home!
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