Available Dogs


  • Mix,
  • male,
  • 4 years,
  • 38 lbs.

Julien brings the sweetness and the fun equally, making him a great pal for anyone who wants a life full of laughter and snuggles. When you first meet him, Julien might not show you just how fun he is. You see, he’s still getting used to humans, but he’s a quick learner and if you’re patient with him, he’ll form an unbreakable bond with you in no time. In fact, Julien really looks to his trusted humans for guidance when he’s unsure about a new situation. So be prepared to reassure him when he looks up at you with those sweet, loving eyes!

Julien has a medium energy level – not so much that he needs a “job” to do, but enough that you should plan to spend an hour or two walking and playing with him every day. He loves to play fetch and run around the backyard, so a home with a secure fence is ideal to let him zoom around to his heart’s content!

This gorgeous fella is doing great with his basic obedience skills, too. Again, he’s a smart boy, so if you want a pup that’s willing to learn a thing or two, he’s your guy! He loves to make his favorite people happy and likes to stick right by your side as much as he can. But, if you have to leave him for a little while, no worries. He can handle being left alone and likes to snooze in his crate with something to chew on until you come home.

So what does Julien need in his home? Patience and kindness is at the top of the list. Having a timid dog requires both, and it will be such a rewarding experience to watch him blossom as he settles into your home. Younger kids would probably be too much for Julien, but older kids and adults would be great! Julien could peacefully coexist with a friendly canine sibling, but his prey drive rules out kitties and other small creatures.