Trial Placement


  • Bear Cub,
  • male,
  • 5 months,
  • 11 lbs.
We have some very sad news…you’ve heard about the recent bear sightings over the summer, right? One of them appears to have left her cub behind!! Fortunately Koda has adjusted very well to life with humans

and he’s eager to teach you all about the Bear Necessities: eating, sleeping, playing, and LOTS of cuddles.

You see, this little bear cub loves, loves, loves people. All people, without reservation. Young people, old people, people with hats, people wearing masks…you get the idea. With his easy-going disposition, Koda may just be the friendliest bear cub in town! Of course, Koda knows how to share the love, and so he also loves other animals. Playing with them, stealing their toys, or chasing them…all of these are great fun for Koda. (For this reason, we recommend that any kitties in the home be dog-savvy, and dogs be willing to play.)

Like any young bear cub, Koda is still working on his training, but he’s off to a great start — he is cratetrained, rides nicely in the car, and does his business outside at least 50% of the time! As far as bear cubs go, this one is pretty lazy, so if you’re looking for a jogging companion, we strongly recommend investing in a stroller, because it’s the only way you’ll make it down the street. Or maybe your other dog wants to pull Koda in a sled? Either of these would be agreeable to Koda. After all, winter is coming, and he needs to hibernate.
Koda does have some minor special needs. He underwent two cherry eye repairs last month, and while one was successful, the other was not (this is the red bump that you see in his pictures). His adopter will need to be prepared for the possibility of lifelong eye ointments, as well as another surgery down the line. Fortunately, Koda is an incredible patient, and runs to his foster mom with a wagging tail when it’s time for his medications.
If you have room in your heart and home for a very special bear cub, you’ve come to the right place. Koda is very anxious to meet you!