Madge – Adopted!

  • Mix,
  • female,
  • ~2 years,
  • 60 lbs.

Can we tell you about our wonderful Madge? Calm, gentle, and sweet, this girl is the whole package. A descriptor we can add to this list (once she’s comfortable in your home) is goofball! Madge seems to love chewing on squeak toys and playing with her person. Every now and then, if you throw a ball, she’ll even run after it and have a blast playing with it! She won’t return it but seems to enjoy the idea of fetch more than the actual act of it.

She is an absolute pleasure to take on walks and enjoys a quiet stroll around town or a nature walk in the woods. As well as walks, Madge enjoys time at the dog park. She loves to run around with plenty of space for zoomies. When other dogs are there, she’s happy to run with the pack, as as long as she’s chasing! If she’s lucky enough to find another male around her age and size, she will initiate some wrestling and play. When you get home though, she is content to relax near you – until you get up of course! Then she’s right there with you, making sure you don’t get lost.

As a true lady, Madge has perfect manners both in and out of the house — she walks nicely on leash, rides beautifully in the car, and she would never ever dream of peeing on your floor or chewing your favorite slippers. Only thing is, we don’t think that she realizes how big she is! She will literally crawl up into her foster mom’s lap while sitting on the couch to be a lap dog. Along with being house trained and walking well on the leash, Madge is learning her commands, and has mastered sit, as long as there’s a tasty treat ready to reward her.

An adopter with a quiet home will be an excellent match for Madge. She is initially very timid, especially around men, but she warms up when given space and time to trust. Madge enjoys having a canine foster “brother” and seemed lonely as the only dog, so she needs a home with a laid-back male dog to help her settle in.

Madge’s adoption fee has been partially sponsored by two friends.