Available Dogs


  • Mini Schnauzer,
  • male,
  • 8 years,
  • 9 lbs.

Maximus is a sweet little nugget who just wants to follow you around all day. His favorite things in life include snuggling on the couch and finding soft blankets to burrow under. He’ll also accept some treats if you’re offering. Maximus is used to a quiet life at home with his people. Basically, he’s a homebody and he likes it that way, so he needs a securely fenced yard to enjoy some outdoor time because leashes are not for him. He’d like it if his people are home more often than not, and may also need a little bit of reassurance when it comes to scary things like wind, stairs, and the vacuum cleaner.

True to his breed, Maximus doesn’t mind letting you know when someone is at the door or entering the yard. He just wants to make sure you know what’s going on! His good Mini Schnauzer looks also require regular maintenance to keep him looking sharp and feeling good.
Maximus gets along well with other dogs and cats, as long as they understand that he deserves to be the center of attention. This sweetheart loves everyone, but he is a little guy and can get overwhelmed easily, so he’d prefer a quieter home, please.