Just wanted to share a little update of Millie as the two month mark of her adoption approaches, although it seems like so much longer, it’s hard to remember what our life was like before her! Millie has adjusted so well, she is up to 45 pounds and is as energetic as ever. She went for what we believe was her first swim (based on her shocked reaction) about a week ago and loved it, we can’t get her to stay out of the water now. She has been loving her long walks, car rides, visits to meet new people, and all the other adventures we’ve been bringing her on. The next one is Myrtle beach this summer! We are still completely smitten by her and are happy to wake up every morning to lots of Millie kisses. We appreciate all the work you do and thank you for saving her so she could be in our lives!


-Sam, Sam, and Millie