Available Dogs


  • Dachshund,
  • female,
  • 12 years.

Mollie is an active short-haired dachshund, you will have a hard time believing that she is 12 years old! This spunky girl loves to be outdoors, enjoying a fenced yard to explore and daily walks around the neighborhood, those little legs can really move. She loves toys that squeak for chewing and playing fetch.

A typical dachshund, Mollie can be a bit dramatic. She will protect your home by barking at strangers on the front lawn, bigger dogs passing by, and kitchen timers. Once the danger has passed she is ready to hop back up on the couch with you for scratches and a belly rub. Don’t worry, you’ll never miss a cue for cuddles, Mollie gives the greatest puppy dog eyes.

Mollie is good on a leash, will pass by small dogs and cats without a reaction, but does bark at larger dogs and pull to try and chase squirrels. She is completely house trained, though has used a pee pad during thunderstorms due to anxiety. Calming treats help during bad weather (or road construction). Mollie has figured out how to leap over the puppy pen wall, but tolerates a crate well when necessary. She would do well in a house with other small dogs, and possibly a house with a cat. We are not sure her experience with children.