Mousse – adopted!

  • Lab/Bernese Mountain dog,
  • male,
  • 5 months,
  • adult weight likely 80-90 lbs.

Meet Mousse! Just like the dessert, he is soft, sweet, and you just have to have him all to yourself. Mousse loves to play almost as much as he loves to nap. Mousse brings big lab energy to every situation with his big goofy paws and floppy ears, but when he’s done playing he is ready for a nice long nap in the weirdest, most uncomfortable looking positions.

Mousse is in a foster home with two other dogs, a cat, and two kids (a toddler and a 9yr old). He interacts well with everyone (especially the kids!) although he’s still not sure if the cat is a friend or if it needs to be chased, so we would prefer a home with dog-savvy cats. Although he looks all grown up because of his size, Mousse is still just a puppy so he can be mouthy when playing but is easily redirected with positive reinforcement and chew toys.

Mousse is working on housebreaking and crate training and is doing great at both. He also rides well in the car, making him an excellent travel companion. He is still a bit hesitant in new situations so leash walking is a work in progress, but Mousse is eager to please and loves to hear what a good boy he is so he can’t wait to impress you with all the things he’s learning!

If you are looking for a new best friend and snuggle buddy, look no further than our sweet Mousse!