Nimbus – Adopted!

  • Mix,
  • male,
  • 2 years,
  • 61 lbs.

Do you enjoy the soft, sensitive types? Then Nimbus might be the dog for you. Nimbus is playful and energetic, but this mellow guy also understands the value of a nap. He is happy to go out and run and play, and then lie down in the shade to relax and just hang out. Nimbus likes walks but also enjoys some time in the yard with a ball or a squeak toy. He is not a demanding dog but he does appreciate being with his people – he understands that he cannot always be the center of attention though, and has the endearing habit of occasionally checking in with his people to see if they need him. Nimbus is what we call a “soft” dog – loud noises and big gestures worry him, so Nimbus is looking for an adult-only home. Nimbus has good house manners and is doing well learning about crates, although he does not seem to need one. He is good on leash, and is a great passenger in the car. Nimbus takes some time to assess new situations, but with his people he has a silly side, and can be very snuggly and affectionate. Nimbus is a very willing dog who is responding very well to positive reinforcement. He plays with other dogs but he has not lived with a dog full time. A meet and greet with a possible canine housemate will help determine compatibility. Nimbus lived with a dog-savvy cat in his Southern foster home and we were told he was okay with it. We have not seen him with a cat since he has been with us, so a home visit would be required to meet any feline companions as well.