ONLINE FUNDRAISER – Tiny heartbeats, tiny smiles, big wags!

The theme of our summer has been tiny heartbeats, tiny smiles, and big wags . . . and bigger bills.

The last few months Peppertree has been asked to take him a few small dogs with special needs. Some locally, like Peony, and some from a distance, like Maddy, Tiny Tim, and Chiquita.  You can read more about them, or make a donation clicking the link below:


Maddy is just one of the dogs.

Maddy came all the way from Virginia. We knew Maddy was also mostly blind, was dealing with some bad skin, and had a large hernia that would need repair. Maddy apparently has a flair for the dramatic – as she arrived, and stopped walking. We were scared, and so was she – but a few emergency vet visits later a diagnosis of Intervertebral Disc Disease (IVDD) was discovered, and time and pain meds were the cure. Soon she began to walk again, and it was time to take on her hernia.

We mentioned Maddy likes to be dramatic, so, we should not have been surprised when her hernia turned out not to be typical, but, her ovaries and uterus having slipped through her abdominal wall. Her hernia surgery turned out to be a spay to boot. Some follow-ups and a trip to the opthomologist to find the best care for her cataracts and dry eye, and we are thrilled to announce she is doing much better then when she arrived! Maddy’s surgical costs alone were almost $4,000.

When we say this is the summer of tiny heartbeats, tiny smiles, big wags, and bigger bills we are not joking. We are expecting to spend over $10,000 in getting these dogs ready for their homes, and if we could raise half of that – just $5,000, that would greatly ease our burden.

Want to help make a difference for these dogs and others? Any donation will help make an impact, and help us cover these bills allowing us to help more dogs in need. Thanks in advance for your contribution to this cause that means so much to us.