Trial Placement


  • Rottweiler mix,
  • male,
  • 14 weeks,
  • 24 lbs.

Paddy is a sweet boy that loves to play with toys. His favorite game is tug. He likes to show how tough he is. Paddy is working on crate and house training but is still a baby, so he needs to be taken out often. He is a smart, curious pup. He likes the car and happily goes on outings. Paddy is a social boy and loves kids. He will follow them everywhere in case they do something fun or get a snack. After a hard day of play, he likes to snuggle on a comfy couch.

Paddy is food motivated. He loves treats. He isn’t sure what might be edible so he tries everything. He has found sticks very much to his liking. Paddy’s mom was a rottweiler and we don’t know what dad was. We do know that Paddy will be a large dog with a big personality, and should have an owner devoted to socializing and training him so he can be his best self. Breed experience preferred.