Available Dogs


  • Labradoodle,
  • female,
  • 11 months,
  • 60 lbs.

Meet Pearl! This energetic, outdoor-loving doodle is going to be very happy to meet you, so forgive her if she jumps a little – she’s still a puppy and working on her impulse control. Pearl will do anything for a treat though and loves to learn. Pearl is smart, silly, and sometimes a little bit bossy with other dogs – which is why she is looking for a new home. As much as her family adores her, Pearl’s life would be happier if she were an only dog so we are looking for a home where Pearl can shine as your one and only. She is polite in public and enjoys playing with some dogs but in the home she does not always share with other animals – it’s hard being an adolescent! Pearl has lived with older children, has very good house manners and is crate trained but doesn’t always need it as long as there are no socks around! She does have a good amount of energy and her family feels she would do best with a fenced yard, as she is used to time outdoors to run and play. Her motto is #BallisLife! However she is also content to follow you room to room and lie at your feet with a bone. Because of her age, size, and enthusiasm Pearl is not a fit for a home with small children but visiting children would be fine. Pearl is low- to non-shedding so she will need regular brushing and visits to the groomer (approximately every 8-10 weeks). Pearl is still with her family but will be adopted out as a Peppertree dog.