Pete – Adopted!

  • Mix,
  • male,
  • 4 months

Pete is a friendly, lovable, 4 month old puppy (possibly Border Collie mix?) who is sweet, funny, and cuddly. Pete loves other dogs and while he can be initially shy with new people, he warms up very quickly and really loves being with people. As with any puppy, Pete likes to play but does settle down well. He is doing great in his foster home and is already crate trained, finishing up his housebreaking, and is good on a leash. He is very interested in the activity of the neighborhood and loves to stop and watch people and cars while on his walks!

As with most puppies, he loves to steal shoes and socks and is tempted sometimes to gnaw on things he shouldn’t but is easily redirected to his toys. Pete is extremely smart and eager to please and learning very quickly. He desperately wants a playmate so would love to be placed with a younger dog (or at least not with an older dog as he will bug them to play) or an active family where he can run around the backyard with family members, although he might be too bouncy for very young children. He also does well with just a few walks a day and some play time and he absolutely loves to snuggle with his people as much as possible. He likes sitting on laps too! Since Pete has normal prey drive with squirrels etc., a secure fenced yard is best. Pete is very interested in the cats in his foster home, but again, just wants them to play with him and does back off when they say no. With just a little investment of time for exercise, a bit of effort with training, and lots of love and affection (which he will return tenfold!) Pete will be a beloved member of any family.