Available Dogs


  • Rat terrier mix,
  • male,
  • 3 years,
  • 14 lbs.

Looking for a tiny new BFF? Preston is super sweet, energetic and playful! He attaches quickly to his new family members, both human and canine. On walks, he’s shy meeting new people, but with a few pets and scratches, he has a brand new BFF! Preston loves cuddles, hugs and kisses. On the couch and in bed at night, he curls up into a ball next to his human, always touching. He loves belly rubs and isn’t shy about asking for one!

He is very playful. He loves rooting through his toy basket, choosing a toy, and running around the house with it, tossing and pouncing along the way. He is also very playful with the other dog in his foster home — chasing, pouncing and engaging in mouth play.

Preston is mostly house-trained. He gets a little nervous about being left but seems to do better when left with a canine companion. He is good on a leash but wants to chase squirrel and chipmunks, so hold on tight!

Preston is a must-see! He will bring energy, laughs, cuddles and kisses to your home!