Preston – adopted!

  • Rat terrier mix,
  • male,
  • 2 years,
  • 18 lbs.

Preston is super sweet, energetic and playful. He attaches quickly to his new family members, both human and canine, and enjoys snuggling with his humans on the couch and under the covers in bed. He loves belly rubs and isn’t shy about asking for one! He also likes to nap near his dog brother, often using him as a pillow. He is shy with new people and dogs at first, but quickly becomes BFFs with them. He seems to be terrified of cats, so no cats please.

Preston is very playful with the other dog in his foster family, chasing, pouncing and engaging in mouth play. He also enjoys playing with his favorite toys, running around the house with one, tossing and pouncing along the way.

Preston enjoys his long morning walk and several other walks throughout the day. He is housebroken and will do everything he can to tell you it’s time to go out, from crying to pawing at the door to bringing you a shoe.

In short, Preston is a couch potato, snuggler, playmate and walking buddy in a small package!