Available Dogs


  • All-American mix,
  • female,
  • 1-2 years,
  • 47 lbs.

Hailing from rural Louisiana, Princess is housebroken, crate-trained, and an affectionate and smart dog. She is very food-motivated, so training her with treats is the way to go. She is very energetic and can play rough with other dogs and can be exuberantly puppyish when greeting people she knows or reuniting with her humans, so we think the best fit for her would be with adults and older children.

Princess loves to snuggle and give kisses to people and other dogs. She has learned to walk on a leash, but can be distracted by squirrels and rabbits, so having her harnessed and with a firm hold is needed. She loves riding in the car, walking in her favorite park, and playing with balls, kongs, her snuffle mat, and hard chewable toys. She likes to stick close to her humans so she can be underfoot at times and barky when she is separated from them.

Cats are unknown, but given her strong prey drive, we think this might not be advised. Princess is cautious in new situations, but warms up after a while and is curious and friendly with new people and dogs (again, treats go a long way with her). She is an excellent watch dog and lets her foster family know when people are at the door or in the driveway.

After a busy day, Princess likes to settle in on the couch with her family. She sleeps on the couch or on a dog bed in the bedroom. We think Princess would flourish with an active family or a household with a similar play style.